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Living with Aloha

My Sweetest Aloha

In Hawai’i, it is routine to use the word Aloha.

We say it as we kiss hello & goodbye. We offer it as an expression of love & warm-wishes for our beloveds. We use it to mean a variety of sayings & meanings…

Yet “Aloha” is more than a word… “Aloha” is more than an expression… “Aloha” is a way of life!!!

As a grown woman, I found a need for a new way of thinking & feeling about the world. I had a profound need to connect… This deep-inner need for something I couldn’t explain left me feeling empty to my core. Then, an opportunity came my way… A new path… A new journey… A new set of experiences to enjoy…

& the blessings of Aloha changed my soul… Yeah, I know ~ It sounds pretty dramatic.

Guess what??? It is. For me ~ Aloha is emotional intelligence blended with life-affirming adventures & intensely loving humans who enjoy their cultural blessings, their families, & their traditions.

The “Aloha” code is an acronym with power.